“How can I be better than I am now?”

My professional experience and unique approach to coaching will provide you with the key tools and resources necessary for runners to achieve their A, B and C goals.


I personally work with each runner to help them achieve their individual specific running goal. My approach to coaching is highly focused on a healthy and growth mindset, promoting positivitiy through each training session and a bespoke running programme to mirror daily/weekly demands. Good energy and positive vibes are key to achievement.


Coaching Philosophy


The Running G

My coaching is very much tailored around the specific needs of the runner, taking into consideration the working and home life of each runner.  All training programmes are based upon catering for the healthy body and healthy mind approach – linking my prior knowledge gained through educating fitness enthusiasts, staff members and other runners over the years alongside educating and assessing prospective Personal Trainers. 


Previous experience includes coaching young runners, club runners and those new to running who simply want more structure to their training.

Relevant Qualifications


LiRF – Leadership in running fitness

L3 Personal Trainer

L3 Outdoor Fitness

MSc in Nutrition & Health

PGCE in FE/Adult Provision

Bsc Sports Science & Coaching

Health & Wellbeing Awareness

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Who Am I?


What makes me a little different. Come join the positive vibes here @ The Running G

  • Sports & Fitness Lecturer 12 years - Further Education/Foundation Degree Programmes/Fitness Qualifications

  • Fitness & Nutrition specialism

  • Excellent subject sports knowledge  - Running, Nutrition & Fitness

  • Vice Captain @ Rochdale Harriers (Mens Teams)

  • Ironman x2, Challenge Series 70.3 x1

  • Completed x10 Marathons most in good for age timing

  • Keen CPD enthusiast all sport and fitness related

  • Explorer of all aspects which can help to improve everyday living and training

  • Most recent achievement and role becoming a Dad - little man will soon be joining the ranks

Coaching Services - What's on Offer

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Running Athletic Women
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1-1 Coaching - Taking place during specific run based on your running goals. Emphasis on running form, pace analysis and drills to improve running form and technique. Block bookings available.


6 Week Beginner Programme - Entry plan to suit newcomer to running or someone requiring a little more structure. All about bringing a consistent approach to your training. The key focus is about how the programme can fit around your current daily/working lifestyle.


8 Week Training Programme - Tailored programme to suit someone targetting running progress e.g. towards a 10km race or improvement in running. Pacing schedule key to this next progressive overload.



12 Week Training Programme - Next stage of running development. Tailored tempo and speed sessions to suit runners ability levels - Provide the knowledge and experience for further consistency and progress.


16 Week Training Programme - Marathon Build tailored to suit runner stepping up to marathon distance either for the first time or trying to target a specific time (requiring more structured sessions/adaptation to allow for positive progress).


Nutritional IAG - Nutrition and healthy lifestyles specific content to help provide the right type of nutrition and health for a quality approach to running. Taking into account everyday living and working routines.

If you like what you see from our coaching services above please get in touch to discuss in more detail

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Breakdown of Coaching Services 

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Here @ The Running G we aim to offer the best coaching experience possible, whether its getting back to some sort of training routine or aiming for your first marathon we offer bespoke programmes to suit your daily and weekly lifestyles. Coaching is very much focused on the individual and the relationship formed with the runner, striving to become a better runner and how this can impact everyday living.

Ask yourself - "How can I be better than I am now?"

What you will receive

  • Training delivered in 4 week blocks to suit adaptability and progress

  • 1-1 Monthly review (via online platform/phone – ideally what works for you and your work/home life)

  • Availability with me 24/7 to offer advice and support through training cycle

  • Montoring of training via STRAVA platform and Microsoft Office/Teams

  • Nutrition and Health guidance – in relation to everyday life and training cycle. Very much linked to personal likes Vs. dislikes and linked to kilocalorie requirement

  • Tailored S&C sessions to be implemented alongside running programme

  • Race preparation with key focus on weekly nutritional intake - build up to race

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