Healthy Body. Healthy Mind

Getting Ahead

Start and set good habits

  • Key to this is making sure set aside enough time for yourself e.g. Spending time on hobbies/interests will help recharge body/mind prior to starting working week again

Positive mantra

  • Focus on the good aspects of everyday life. If unsuccessful/experience a knockback, use this as a valuable learning experience – do not dwell and embrace the ‘moaning mantra’

Set small manageable goals

  • Make these a weekly/monthly target – useful to achieving ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’ goals

Surround yourself with like minded people

  • Try to remain upbeat, associate with positive and passionate people = more energy from within

Top Tips - Nutrition

Plan your meals

  • Key to being able to train harder and smarter. Lack of energy from a lack of time planning = inadequate food choices (convenient choices)

Start with the basics

  • Food shop fruit and veg in bulk, select protein and iron-rich meats (Chicken thighs/Lamb) and store cupboard necessities such as rice, pasta and lentils

Embrace batch cooking

  • Cooking for a 2hr window could result in a variety of traybakes, meat + rice + veg dishes. Pre-plan when to food shop and set time aside to cook = less time worrying about choice of meals

Know your flavours

  • Learn about seasonings and flavours with rich nutritional content – will also make meals less bland and limit use of pre-prepped sauces etc...