Build Me Up

Hot Spot - Supplement Staion

In this section it will focus on all aspects of nutrition and health which could help everyday living or running training. The idea is to use this as a resource for advice and guidance to help improve rest and recovery in between easy, tempo and hard runs. This month's foucs is on the use of food, drinks and supplements to use alongside everyday running.

Magnesium - Why and What?

  • Acts as a smooth-muscle relaxant, helps to aid your body’s stress load - great at helping to aid recovery 

  • Found in foods such as spinach, almonds, dark chocolate and avocado – also use as a spray, typically apply to legs prior to bed (aid recovery and sleep). The spray is a great way of getting magnesium back into the body following loss of salts/fluids

B-Vitamins - Why and What?

  • Research has shown that vitamin B supplmentation can help to reduce fatigue, benefit mood and emotion, facilitate energy production

  • Found in foods such as eggs, selection of meats (pork/chicken) and dark green veggies (Kale/Cabbage) - crucial in everyday nutriton


Beetroot Juice - Why and What?

  • Boosts plasma nitrate levels and physical performance – good increase to stamina, help increase and widen blood vessels = maximise potential performance. This is something that I will have twice daily during the lead up to a race/key competition to increase plasma levels (usually 7-10 days)