Lockdown #3 It continues.... we go again?!?! Wk.6 of home teaching, childcare duties, dog walking duties and mostly running alone again. Highlight of the year so far celebrating little man's first birthday #futuretrainingbuddy

It was supposed to be the start of a great year and the chance to compete again, measure myself against my A, B and C goals - something our coach in our local harriers prompted our training group to share with each other and will have to wait to see if we can actually race again soon...

Prior to Christmas, I had the pleasure of delivering key nutritional content and healthy eating approaches to our Running Club, something that I am passionate in and lucky to be able to work around on a daily basis. This sparked an idea....why not try my hand at this writing malarkey and a chance to put down my thoughts? I just hope someone out there will actually enjoy listening to what I have to say? That's the million dollar question though!

On the work front, I am in the process of delivering a variety of online courses to different target audiences and look forward to the interaction. On the training front, I currently write as I am approaching week 4 of a new training block and the good old British weather is producing a master class in trying to hinder me. Gotta keep those positive vibes up!! :-)

Writing this blog is something I've thought about for a while whilst teaching, coaching and trying to be a decent athlete myself so I thought nothing to lose, just a chance to interact with other like minded peeps who like me love Running and Fitness.

So....Why do I run? I mean I like to run, mostly because at first it was good for me to get away from everyday life (hassle of work/commitments/football banter) and an escape like no other. The plodding of the path, the great trail to slide along and the cheeky hills equate to something else that life can't give you right? Not for everybody but for me #hellyeah

The first run, post football career (well pretty decent at best!) well that was bloody hard and as you can imagine left me with the question of, how the hell do I become faster and stronger? I don't remember the first proper training session but the interest was sparked running around good old Heaton Park and from 5kms to Marathons to Ironman's, I have had a chance to evolve as a budding athlete and the passion once again is back. I love losing myself to a run, whether it be an easy paced plod or a tempo Thursday attack or an attempt at running fast on the track with the 'fastbees' - I just love to run!! Rewind 2 years ago I was diagnosed with a stomach condition and having been ill for a while then with subsequent surgery to follow the long road to recovery had begun and the passion was once again sparked. No matter which PBs were achieved, I had to press rewind and build the 'engine' again. Local Harriers club joined ☺

My progress within the last year most notably with joining the Harriers has helped intensify my understanding of the key aspects that are required to continue improving and although I am growing old as I write this, I feel I am in the best possible situation physically and mentally to #seize this chance again. I love to run, I love to help peeps and this is reflected in my work/everyday life and hope that this message comes across with the view of inspiring others.

Never take it for granted, put on those running shoes, go out, get lost, become a better you.

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