Return of the Sunshineeeeeeeeeee weather! (You have been missed)

Yes yes yes yes! A little bit of sunshineeeeeeeee makes those aches, snotty noses and a couple of weeks of poor sleep quality seem like a yester thought. Lighter nights, longer days and increase in temperature make training a hell of a lot easier and boy we have missed it.

So.....after an easy 'reintroduction' back into training this past week (only 20 miles really really easy) I'm looking forward to clocking a bigger mileage week and a little tempo to test the lungs and legs out again - aim will be a 15 min tempo at 4.00 min per km #wegoagain

I cannot tell you how much I miss training hard and putting those grafting miles in, it's something my body and mind need on a weekly basis to be able to see the progress being made. I miss being able to test myself in a group environment but know that the tide is turning and we will soon be able to train/compete against each other again.

Why do we love to run and why does the weather play such a big part?

My favourite type of running weather is most definitely fresh, a little chilly but with the sunshine beaming down on the paths and trails that I continue to run along. As we approach the spring weather it's now a time to look forward to a variety of things - lockdown easing, races to start up again and being able to train in groups :-) You can already feel the mood of the running nation increasing even just after a couple of days of an increase in temperature.

Something that I've started to do whilst out on my running adventures (often the easy runs) is taking pictures of outdoor scenery and images to reflect my mood at the time. This is something a running buddy of mine suggested trying and I can safely say that this is great for revitalising the mind after a tough day at work - it offers that escapism from work and family commitments. If you get chance, give it a go and I promise you will not be disappointed. My run for today is a little favourite of mine - down Norden rd, past crimble lane and through to the trails of Mayfield/Castle Hawk and then on to the Rochdale canal heading towards Queensway. Off the canal on Oldham rd and back towards Spotland, Cutgate and home again - a nice 7miler (11.2km) with a few sunshineeee pictures thrown in for good measure! Hopefully get out this morning - set myself up for the day.

The Big Reveal's nearly the time for me to go live with the website and after a few delicate changes, I really like the format and structure - I just hope you guys will enjoy and embrace the my new venture (as well as getting involved!) I've got lots more content to come on both the mobile and desktop side of the website but I am looking most forward to building an audience from runners alike and people new to running. The idea for the business came about last year following #lockdown1 and the online delivery of taster sessions for Nutrition and S&C (Strength & Conditioning) whilst attracting interest from several running clients - it just feels right and something I want to see where I can take the business.

I particularly enjoy helping others improve and achieve a goal that they did not think was possible. The feeling of seeing them grow and become more confident with every coached session, whether they are hitting a certain pace or just enjoying the freedom that running brings makes me know that this is the next chapter in my coaching and educating career. Let the fun commence....

On another note, whisper it quietly but we might actually be able to compete soon (as I am writing this Parkrun announce the return of free racing from early June) - a sign of better days to come!

Long live the sunshineeeeeeeeeee :-) And as Mel Gibson once shouted at the top of his lungs, long live the 'running freedom'

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