The dreaded half-term LURGY

Well it had to happen didn't it? Great 15km run Monday with the first opportunity to wear a bloody t-shirt #getin followed by a great feed was what the Dr. had ordered. As a Monday usually goes, this was definitely up there with the best in recent times. Fast forward 24hrs and all had been forgotten. #crash #bang #wallop

I mean it was to be expected though wasn't it? How can we work so hard delivering online learning and not expect to be run down? We look forward to our half-terms for the relaxation and recovery period it allows our bodies and minds but this one was required more than ever #weekfromhell

What followed was a severe lack of sleep, little man teething and having his injections along with having a cold would result in a tough and testing week to follow and the dreaded cold going around the house faster than Usain winning gold in Beijing. I mean it's hard enough trying to cope at the best of times on a lack of sleep but throw your own illness into the equation and it becomes far harder than you can ever imagine. 1am until 4am was the magic waking hours this week and little man could just not settle #blesshim Thankfully his mama was able to settle him as best as could be.

So....I've been cranky, knocked out, zapped of energy but the recovery process has begun and the key to all of this is FOOD and quality nutrition. Fruit, Veg and herbal teas to improve my vitamin and mineral intake has been increased before I can put on those running shoes again. On another note, given those loved ones around me have given up something they love for lent, I thought I'd join in and caffeine has gone out of my life for 40 days. To be honest I'm not an addict but quite enjoying being a little less dependent on a cup of coffee and splash of honey for a while :-)

Not much training, running or walking to write home about this week but on the work front been delivering Nutrition workshops and S&C workshops to local communities via zoom with good success again! So...let's stay positive and look forward to the rest of the month as there's a lot going on. WEBSITE going live later next week!!! #YES and a return to training (albeit really easy this week and nothing major in terms of pace). Looking forward to this and a little more normality in the household/everyday life.

We go again! Run well. Run easy.

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