Client Testimonials

The Good Stuff

Garreth Matthews

16 Wk. Build Programme

Gaz C - 16 Wk Programme.jpg

"Only met Grez recently and really enjoyed the initial meet up run we had together. Felt really comfortable and was great to have someone who knew what they were talking about when it comes to running. Since the first meetup Grez has been in constant contact  and checking if everything is going well etc. He has put together a 16 week training programme for me and sent me each week individually. The emails also include links to core workouts and foam rolling exercises which are great to use. Grez is always on the other end of the phone if I need any advice and always gives me the best info that I need"

Gemma Price

Beginner Programme

Sophie Fenwick

Beginner Programme


"I have always enjoyed training at the gym and most recently swimming before lockdown. However, I needed a little more structure to training and this running programme was the push I needed to get back outside after working long hours. I love and hate the sessions at the same time, but knowing I am going in the right direction is the progress I want to see. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to improve their running"

Gareth Huish

8 Wk. Programme

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"Always understood the benefits of running especially for my fitness (I do crossfit). However, never really understood how to improve my pace over time. Since meeting up with The Running G, I now have a plan I can follow which will not only challenge me but improve my running ability. Running with Grez is a pleasure even if the route he chooses for you isn't"

Gemma Price.jpg

I contacted @therunningg as I knew life was getting busy and I most definitely had to prioritise some ‘me’ time. Being a mummy, wife, working full time as a teacher and having just moved house to accommodate supporting my Nana, I wanted to ensure I was keeping mentally and physically fit alongside my busy lifestyle. @therunningg is so friendly, approachable and understanding of my personal goals,  in turn indicating and designing the bespoke ‘path’ for me.

I look forward to getting out on Saturdays with him but know it’s going to hurt and he’ll push me appropriately. He’s a chatter box so running alongside him feels easy because you forget how far you’ve run listening to him natter. (I personally think this is his way of assessing if I’m working hard enough...when I stop replying he knows I’m working hard.)😂

Not only is he great at constant support and encouragement but he is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition, human biology and getting the right sneaks for the job. Starting the journey I had little confidence but as we progress through the weeks my confidence builds along with my stamina and speed.

I still have some way to go but I know that with some commitment from myself and @therunninggs guidance I will smash the goals we have set. For anyone looking at getting into something to support their physical and mental well-being this is a must! The beauty of it is, it’s so personalised! From the pub walker to the marathon runner there’s something for us all. And as @therunningg says “You just gotta keep moving!”

Oli Pogson

1-1 Coaching

Oli P.jpg

I’ve always enjoyed pushing myself whilst being a member of a gym but I’ve always been well aware that I needed a little more expertise when it comes to my running and being able to set realistic goals that not only challenge me but develop me in the right ways. I got in touch with Grez (The Running G) as I thought he would be the perfect person to help me in my development.

I am soon to become a member of the Greater Manchester fire service and I’m well aware that my fitness is going to have to be maintained at a high standard. Putting myself outside my comfort zone with Grez is exactly what I needed. He spoke to me on a personal and professional level to make me feel at ease on my first session and ever since then has pushed me further with my running that I thought I was able to cope with. Even after my sessions he checks in with me giving me support and guidance for when I set out on my own individual runs, whether it is setting a daily/ weekly goal or even giving me advice on the best attire and activewear to look for. His knowledge and understanding of running, fitness, setting goals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is second to none.

I could not recommend anyone better for my running needs and would urge anyone else to give Grez a shout.

Nicola Boardman

Marathon Training Programme

Nicola B.jpg

I heard about ( the running g) through a friend so gave him a follow on Instagram, liked what I saw on his page and got in contact with him as I’m running the London marathon in October and needed some structure to my training. After meeting Grez for a run and a chat I knew I wanted him to train me as his knowledge on running and all aspects of fitness is amazing!!

I’ve always gone out running as fast and as far as possible (nearly died a few times 😂) then not been able to run for another week, with Grez my training programme is structured and I look forward to my new one every week. After 6 weeks I feel fitter and more confident in my running thanks to the running g. Bring on the marathon!!!

Chelsea Clegg

8 Wk. Training Programme

Chelsea C.jpg

Even within a short space of time I've seen massive improvements, I just need to tell myself I can run and I will keep on enjoying it (even the tough sessions). The Running G and his sessions are always designed for your specific running pace and each session whether short or long is definitely going to hurt - something that I always dread when we are meeting up but his sessions are FAB!!!

When I am training hard through my running and CrossFit sessions I feel strong and lean but with recently being busy with work, I am looking forward to next training block. Wherever I go, I tell people that the Running G as a person and his training programmes are just the best and although I am nervous about my TT soon, the training is hard to make sure I beast it 100%. If you are trying to improve your running fitness or training for a race, the Running G is great at what he does and I would 100% refer him all the time :-)

Lisa Horan

Marathon Training Programme

Lisa H.jpg

I’ve known Grez for years and have always been in awe of his fitness and discipline. So, when I got a place in the London Marathon ballot, with no running experience, I knew there was only one man to turn to. Once he had calmed me down from my initial panic, Grez had me believing in the process and myself. 
We met initially and talked through my running goals, which at the time was just to complete the marathon without dying! He then put me through my paces to see where my running fitness was, and reassured me that this challenge, although an epic one, was possible. He taught me stretches that I need to do before and after running to make sure my body is ready, and to reduce risk of injury. He also advised me on running trainers and the best shop to visit to get the right help. 
Grez made me aware that I need to work on my arms as well as they play an important part in running, and advised me to start off with some light dumbbells. On my active recovery day, he sends me a video to do that is specifically for runners to improve their core strength. These are things that I wouldn’t have even considered myself and could have slowed down my progress or even led to injury.
I get my training programme every Sunday for the week ahead and it includes everything I need to make sure I know exactly what I am doing. It includes how long I should be running for and what kind of pace. He also includes post run nutrition and he’s explained how this is a very important part of my training. 
I also meet with Grez on a monthly basis so he can see how I am progressing and offer any advice. He is a firm coach and always gets the best out of me at our sessions and knows just how far to push me.
After a couple of weeks, I could already see and feel an improvement in my running and I know that without Grez this wouldn’t have happened. He holds me accountable and keeps me going, and is always there if I have any questions. Even at this early stage I can highly recommend him. And when I do finish the London Marathon, in under 6 hours apparently, I imagine I will be even happier with him!! 

Katie Lewin

8 Wk. Training Programme

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Over the years I have always enjoyed running, however used to dip in and out with no real consistency to my training. I have just completed an 8 week training plan expertly put together by Grez. The plan has included weekly running plans with suggested routes, 3 meet up runs and advice and on hand anytime,

Not only have I enjoyed every single run but the improvements to my running have been amazing. I like the fact that the plan is sent through on a week by week basis so you can just focus on the week ahead and not get overwhelmed by it.  I have learned so much over the past 8 weeks especially in terms of pacing. I have always been one to set off too fast on my runs and then need to walk but I am now able to run consistently for 1 hour 20 without so much as a walk!!

Grez has so much knowledge and his passion for running is infectious, he is so positive and motivating - I am looking forward to the next 8 weeks and more improvements to come.